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“Let’s Talk About It”
Prostate Cancer Education Program For African American Men

Prostate Cancer AwarenessThe “Let’s Talk About It” Prostate Cancer Education Program is designed for African American men over 40 to help educate men about prostate cancer and their risk, and to encourage them to talk with their doctor about the disease.

  • African American men have the highest rates of prostate cancer in the country and are more likely to die of the disease than any other race.
  • Prostate cancer is serious, but understanding the disease and risk factors can be the key.   That is why it is important that men talk to their doctor about their risk of prostate cancer and the detection and treatment options that are right for them.

Educational forums are happening throughout the Seattle area to encourage open dialogue about the disease and answer questions.  These forums feature prostate cancer survivors telling their stories, facts, and resources that can help make the decisions that are right for them.  Several forums are taking place throughout the Seattle area this fall, with more dates added regularly.


"Let's Talk About It!"

Prostate Education Video

(to view click on the links below)


                YouTube - Lets Talk About It - Part 1 Learn


                YouTube - Lets Talk About It - Part 2 Listen


                YouTube - Lets Talk About It - Part 3 Talk A  


                YouTube - Lets Talk About It - Part 4 Talk B


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Additional resources and information on prostate cancer:

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Did you know...

Cancer of the cervix is found more frequently among women who smoke or have partners who smoke.