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HIV/STD Prevention and Education for African-American Men



Brothers Link and ECBP


African American Testing Project




If you're HIV negative, or don’t know your status, Brothers Link has events that
focus on sexual health and identities with a social component. The goal is to strengthen
the ties that bind us as African American gay, bi and same-gender-loving men.
In keeping with the momentous effort to build community, Brothers Link has quarterly
Educational Forums that addresses issues affecting the African American LGBT

CMCH is also the sponsor for Emerald City Black Pride in Seattle annually. The main weekend is once a year, with additional events throughout the year.

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Do You Know Your HIV Status?

If you're a gay/bisexual/same gender loving African American man having sex with other
men – especially without condoms, it’s important to know your status.
Center for MultiCultural Health provides FREE, HIV testing & counseling; you’ll get
your test results the same day and receive a $20 stipend for your time.
Knowing your status is rewarding in more ways than one!

To find out more info, contact us @ (206) 461-6910 ext 212









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